Qpercom secures NHS tender for award winning Multi-Mini-Video Interviewing and Digital Scoring System.

by | Jul 20, 2023

Qpercom has secured a €4.1 million tender for a groundbreaking new approach in recruitment to facilitate video based online Multi Mini Interviews for the NHS England.

This coincides with winning the Alliance Award for Innovation in Process Efficiency at the Ahmedia Strategy Alliance Public Sector Awards Event at the Dorchester Hotel in London last Friday (7/7/2023).

After a run of successful pilots in 2022 and a roll-out of the software across Medical and Dental Specialties in 2023, under our previous contract, they have secured this prestigious contract for the next four years. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Medical, Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS) moved all interview activities online. Using MS Teams, they were restricted to only one interview station. With Qpercom’s software they can resume the multi-station approach which results in more valid, reliable and therefore fairer outcomes for applicants and employer.

The NHS strategic decision to move towards remote recruitment has substantial benefits. Along with fairer outcomes, benefits of performing multiple-mini-interview stations is that various competencies can be discussed/assessed in each of the stations by various NHS recruiters. Furthermore, applicants no longer have to travel to assessment centres, which can sometimes be very far from their base. It gives a fairer opportunity to those overseas, as applicants are usually given only a few weeks notice of the interview date. All participants can participate from a familiar, comfortable environment. There are reduced cost implications for applicants, panellists and recruitment teams. Recruitment teams are no longer having to hire out large events space and commit time to organising the space. By taking a multi-mini-interview station approach, the time needed to interview applicants is significantly reduced and capacity increased. For example, for 2 stations, it will be halved. For 4 stations, it will be a quarter of the time for admin teams. Whereas 2 respectively, 4 recruiters assess the different requirements per individual station in approximately 10 minutes per station.

Adding video to their Advanced Assessment Software is a direct result of the pandemic recovery and fitted well into the strategic decision of the NHS. Similar Video and Digital Scoring technology is used for Qpercom’s newest EdTech Clinical Communication Training & Assessment tool Mock-OSCE.com, launched in May 2023.

At Qpercom we have worked collaboratively with NHS England. Being responsive and agile in our approach has enabled us to make improvements based on direct, instant feedback. We have created a fit-for-purpose and appropriate alternatives for Face to Face Multiple Mini Interviews to enable a global workforce.’ –

Kylee Sweeney Fort – Account Manager for Qpercom.

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