Qpercom acquires Skills in Medicine for Mock-OSCE.com

by | Aug 23, 2022

We’re very happy to announce that Qpercom has acquired Skills in Medicine, an online platform for the teaching of basic clinical skills in medicine, developed by Mediview, a Maastricht publisher in the Netherlands.

The Skills In Medicine program was developed to support students in learning how to perform a number of basic medical skills that are required during a physical examination. In general, these are skills that students learn during the Bachelor/Master phase of their medical/healthcare curriculum. The founders of Mediview, who have provided students and faculties with a great service over the last 21 years, plan to retire on January 1, 2023. We have known Mediview’s founders and their legacy for many years, due to our mutual presence at the NVMO, AMEE, OTTAWA, INMED/INHED conferences.

The acquisition means that we will be able to offer the Skills in Medicine series to Mock-OSCE.com subscribers worldwide in the near future. Mock-OSCE.com is a Qpercom-owned skills training website that allows medical students to perform in remote Mock OSCE examinations online.

In addition, existing content and contracts will be hosted by Mock-OSCE.com (owned by Qpercom) for current Skills in Medicine subscribers. While Mediview founded and grew the Skills in Medicine series with great passion, Mock-OSCE.com will now guide it into the future with excitement and ambition. Current Skills in Medicine subscribers can now join our Mock OSCEs and not only train their skills, but also assess their communication skills remotely with real actor patients, all from the safe environment of their homes. Mock OSCE subscribers will now have access to 14 Skills in Medicine (SIM) themes that match with our Mock-OSCE patient scenarios:

We see great opportunities for our existing customer base of medical and health sciences students to adopt Skills in Medicine for rehearsing skills prior to assessing examinations and interviews. We are sure that under the guidance of Qpercom and Mock-OSCE.com, Skills in Medicine will continue to be a success.

Jasper Holthuis, founder Mediview B.V
Dr Thomas Kropmans, CEO Qpercom Ltd

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