Qpercom 10th Birthday Special: €2,008 for 1 year

by | Jul 11, 2018




In December 2018, Qpercom will be 10 years in operation. To celebrate we are offering a product licence for €2,008 for one year.

That’s a fully supported, unlimited year of product use, for the price of a pilot. If you have been considering moving to digital assessment or trialling a new form of digital assessment, this offer is for you. If you run OSCEs, clinical assessment, MMIs, large-scale interviews or EPAs and competency based assessment, apply now for this limited offer and see how you can benefit. 

Ten years is a lot of coffee, coding hours (many late nights), conferences, emails, research hours, meetings and assessments. The fruits of our labour are the digital assessment solutions used worldwide. They make up the Qpercom Product Portfolio for OSCEs, MMIs and EPA assessment.

As we could have predicted, the most rewarding part has been the connections made, the hands shook, knowledge shared, the new faces, the colleagues, places travelled and developing our digital community. Our business is based on etransactions, lines of code and sound hardware. However, it would never work without the amazing individuals behind the keyboards, and the invaluable client partners we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last decade. 

Join our digital assessment community below to see the difference digital assessment can make, and advance assessment in your organisation. 




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