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Advanced Software Solutions for Assessment

What is Qpercom?


MMI, Assessment Centres & Admission Interviews

Qpercom Recruit is a digital software solution for volume recruitment. It allows organisations to manage large-scale candidate selection interviews and run remote assessment centres online using video integration.


Multiple Choice Solution

Qpercom Choice is a digital software solution for multiple choice, single best answer and extended matching question types. It allows institutions to assess knowledge and clinical decision making skills.


EPA solution

Qpercom Entrust is a digital software solution for Entrustable Professional Activities. It allows institutions to create, manage, review and distribute Entrustable Professional Activities. 


 OSCE solution

Qpercom Observe is a digital software solution for clinical assessment exams like the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). It allows institutions to generate real-time accurate results on the performance of candidates being assessed on various clinical/non-clinical tasks.

Qpercom develops advanced software solutions for assessment.

Our digital platforms are used to highlight, choose and analyse the best candidates where interviews are used as part of exams, assessment centres, admissions and other selection processes.

Our platforms are cloud-hosted, video-integrated for remote exams and assessment days and accessible on most devices.

Qpercom’s data-driven analysis of assessment performance removes all doubt from the selection process.


Why choose Qpercom?


Reduces administration costs compared to paper-based solutions by 70%.


Increases accuracy by eliminating human errors and provides instant student or candidate feedback.


Advanced psychometric analysis for pre and post exam standard setting.

Our Clients

Our platform is used by over 30 universities, higher education institutions and large-scale recruiters worldwide. Here are some of the organisations that trust Qpercom for clinical assessment and volume recruitment:

Price Tiers


We provide advanced assessment solutions and expertise to institutions worldwide.

Qpercom spun-out from the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Galway in 2008. In the last 11 years we have become a global leader in OSCE software, providing bespoke assessment solutions to universities including Dundee University, Karolinska Institute and the National University of Singapore.

Our OSCE management information system, Observe, caters for clinical assessments, allowing for psychometric analysis, Excel output of all data, Borderline Regression Analysis (pre and post assessment standard setting) and support for Generalizability Analysis. Developed by medical educators, for medical educators, this web-application allows Schools of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences to plan and perform OSCEs, as well as conduct detailed instant analysis on results while the OSCE is ongoing.

Our portfolio of software and analysis features are Qpercom Observe for OSCEs, Qpercom Recruit for admission interviews or MMIs, Qpercom Entrust supports EPAs (CBE) and Qpercom Choice delivers MCQ and EMQ solutions. In-house assessment research and expertise drives the growth of our product features and functionalities. We look forward to serving your assessment needs.

Dr. Thomas Kropmans

Dr. Thomas Kropmans


Senior Lecturer Medical Informatics & Medical Education, National University of Ireland Galway

 David Cunningham

David Cunningham

Director/Chief Operations Officer

Senior Software Engineer/ Project Manager

Enda Griffin

Enda Griffin

Learning Technologist & Client Relations

Kelvin Nunn

Kelvin Nunn

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer/ Project Manager

Gabia Neverauskaite

Gabia Neverauskaite

Psychologist / Remote Assessment Coordinator










It is quite astonishing to see the sheer volume of data Observe is capable of running and analysing. Observe provides an enormous amount of data to professionals which can be used to improve validity of assessment. Poorly differentiating stations can be withdrawn from future assessments while stations with great validity can be repeated and shared.”

Dr Stephen Hynes

University of Galway, University of St Andrews

Our clinical assessments have never gone so smoothly.

Dr Annick Dermine

Catholic University Leuven

Since using Qpercom Observe, our OSCE examinations have changed enormously. We have been able to observe everything in real time which allows us to fix any issues immediately. We are very pleased with the product and with the Qpercom team and highly recommend Qpercom Observe to any institution considering using a digital scoring solution.

Ash Self

IT Team Leader, University of Sheffield

Qpercom were quick to respond to any questions or queries we had. This made it easy for us to understand and get acquainted with Observe. We were confident that if anything went wrong we could get in touch with the team. All in all we have had a very positive experience working with this platform.

Jayne Alfredsson

Project Coordinator, Karolinska Institutet


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