Reduces administration

Reduces administration costs compared to paper based solutions by 70%

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Increases accuracy

Increases accuracy by eliminating human errors and provides instant student feedback

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Improves validity

Advanced psychometric analysis for pre and post exam standard setting

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Captures data

Captures data in real time and allows for online reporting and analysis

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Multiple Scenarios feature

For those new to the system, the multiple scenarios feature offers the opportunity to change station scenarios. Morning and afternoon circuits, or circuits within a morning or afternoon session can be changed by adding a station determined to be a multi-scenario station. In this way the same competency or standardised patient can be assessed in […]

Multiple Examiners feature

In close collaboration with the National University of Singapore, a Multiple Examiners feature for high stake examinations was developed and implemented between  2013 -2014. This feature is now available to any other partner who may be interested. Examiner variability is a key concern is any assessment scenario. Although OSCE’s are well known due to their […]

Qpercom launches OMIS version 1.9

With mutual effort of all staff involved we overhauled OMIS 1.8.5. and currently we are rolling out version 1.9.43 at our home base. Due to the invaluable feedback of clients, module and OSCE coordinators and other individual users we improved OMIS functionalities to the maximal standard. Qpercom is the world leader in online Clinical Skills […]