Using Competency Frameworks within OMIS

When Qpercom developed its unique Observational Management Information System, OMIS, in 2007, it very much used a ‘bottom up’ procedure. This is analogous to how module coordinators and exam administrators developed their assessment stations according to the so called ‘check list approach’, very much focused on ticking the boxes of an item list similar to the lower technology (paper) forms that were used in those days.

Qpercom has recently added a ‘Competency Management System’ that allows mapping checklist items prospectively or retrospectively to a competency framework. It just requires one click of a button and various competency frameworks that are used nationally and internationally (CanMeds2015, Tomorrow’s Doctor, etc…) can be applied depending on the framework in use in your curriculum.

Competence ManagementExisting station assessment forms can be adjusted retrospectively. The mapping process can be reviewed by peers before publishing it in OMIS for future use in OSCE or MMIs. Results can be generated according to ‘station results’ or cumulated results per ‘role’ or ‘competency’.