Noticed in: Ronald Harden’s ‘Definitive Guide to the OSCE’

Dissemination of research findings often takes a long time. However, we are very pleased that our research was noticed and published in Harden’s Definitive Guide to the OSCE pag. 147 (ISBN: 978-0-7020-5550-8). A standard book for all those working in the field of Medical Education.

From December 2009 onwards, we automated observational clinical assessments also known as Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). This type of assessment is also used for selection purposes called Multi-Mini-Interviews and uses similar procedures. It took us three years of development before we had the paper out as mentioned in Harden’s modern standards (published August 2015).

Noticed in: Ronald Harden's 'Definitive Guide to the OSCE'


So, 7 years after our startup our work is acknowledged and we appreciate to share our pride with you. More than 7 papers about assessment in medicine, nursing and communication skills are published since. More than 20 Universities and Professional Bodies are using our assessment solution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you consider examining students, employees, colleagues in a repetitive manner  through a series of stations in which they have to perform certain tasks or have to participate in series (multi) mini interviews (5 – 10 mins max). The evidence is clear about effectiveness, assessing examinees in 15 – 18 of  these stations is well predicting their overall (future) performance. OSCEs are also used in Law schools, Health Sciences, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine.