Multiple Examiners/Multiple Scenarios

Unique in OSCE Management Information System (OMIS), is the Multiple Examiners/Multiple Scenario option. More and more, we read about research empowering the Standardized Patient (SP) to play an important role in examining parts of student’s competence. No one other than the patient experiences the effects of interpersonal communication, empathy and other aspects that need to be observed and at times marked. Students deserve feedback from both their examiners and from their SP involved in some of the OSCE stations. Using the unique Multi-Examiners feature a ‘true-examiner’ and the ‘SP’ can both be assigned as examiners (even with different weightings). Both examiners and SP can assess different aspects of the same competencies. The examiner can assess the ‘Technical Skills and the SP assesses relevant aspects of the ‘Communication Skills’. Be the first and contact our staff if you would like to run trials with this exiting combined feature. Call +353 35391395416 or email for advice.