A Systematic Review of OSCE Checklists

As promised, a paper on the reliability and validity of OSCE checklists in assessing communication skills by Winny Setyonugroho, Dr Kieran Kennedy and Dr Thomas Kropmans has been accepted by Patient Education and Counselling and can now be accessed through the following link: Setyonugroho, W (June 2015) Reliability and validity of OSCE checklists used to Read more about A Systematic Review of OSCE Checklists[…]

Multiple Examiners/Multiple Scenarios

Unique in OSCE Management Information System (OMIS), is the Multiple Examiners/Multiple Scenario option. More and more, we read about research empowering the Standardized Patient (SP) to play an important role in examining parts of student’s competence. No one other than the patient experiences the effects of interpersonal communication, empathy and other aspects that need to Read more about Multiple Examiners/Multiple Scenarios[…]